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Building 2, 15, 5-th Donskoy proezd, Moscow, Russia, 119334
Phone: +7 /495/ 9563626
E-mail: info@inist.ru
Web: www.inist.ru

Owners – residents of Russia, persons.


  • Revenok Dmitry A., Chief Executive Officer, rda@inist.ru, +7 /495/ 956-3626

Business mainstream:

  • Development of widespread multi-user systems
  • Software for Currency, Commodities and Stocks Exchanges
  • Bank software and financial transactions systems
  • E-commerce

INIST engineers software solutions help customers manage and profit from information technology advancements. INIST has built an impressive team of the best and the brightest in the industry, and has developed a core competence that includes understanding real needs and problems that businesses are facing, providing technology and process engineering consulting, and then engineering innovative and results oriented software solutions.

Headquartered in Moscow, Russia INIST has leading positions in Russian bank-client and e-commerce IT application development . We offer a unique blend of technology expertise and experience to create innovative and cost effective e-commerce technology solutions.

As a region leader in the development of Internet business technology, we continually strive to evolve our products. Our development goal is to provide our customers with state-of-the-art software that is secure, functional and user-friendly.

Our e-commerce products have gained regional acceptance and have become industry-leading products.

Background of company

INIST was established in 1992 by Moscow Physical Technical Institute (Phystech) graduates that have experience in large-scale projects concerning development of Russian high-performance computers and software for defense and already gained sufficient experience in fields of applied and system programming, in particular, for telecommunications.

INIST has team of 55 highly experienced specialists including 27 software development programmers and 10 support specialists.

Since 1992 INIST has implemented large number of scalable projects for Russian and CIS banks and exchanges. In 1998 specialists of INIST have worked out CyberPlat the first Russian Internet payment system. Some projects were developed for government departments.

INIST has Russian official licenses permitting to develop and use data security software.

Areas of Experience

  • E-business / E-commerce, including
    • Internet payment system
    • Internet Card authorization system
    • E-shop
    • Internet exchange
    • Internet trading
    • Internet banking
    • Internet real-time information systems
  • Web based development
  • ERP and CRM systems
  • Internet Security
  • Client/Server development
  • Financial Transaction Processing and Banking Systems
  • Exchange systems
  • IT Strategy
  • Custom and Packaged-based software development and outsourcing
  • Application porting
  • Customer Care

Industry Focus

  • Financial
  • Banking
  • Exchanges
  • Retail
  • Government

Software & System Development Experience

  • Operation Systems
    • Windows 98/200/NT/ME/XP
    • Unix – SCO, Solaris, HP UX
    • Linux
    • Oracle
    • Informix
    • MS SQL
    • Interbase
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
  • Programming languages
    • C/C++
    • Delphi
    • JAVA, JavaScript
    • Visual Basic, VBScript
    • XML
    • SPL
  • Technology
    • .NET, CORBA, COM/DCOM, Hibernate
  • Web
    • J2EE, Apache, Struts
  • Communications
  • Security
    • Public/Private Key Cryptography - RSA, PGP, SSL, CryptoPro, Signalcom, Agawa
    • Symmetric Encryption - DES, RC2, RC4, RC5, Triple DES
  • Others
    • Rational Clear Quest

Team and skill

Developers — total 27
Support — 10

Technology Personnel
C/C++ 4
Oracle DB 7
Informix 4
Delphi 10
.NET 4
ERP& CRM (SAP Business One) 5

Some Project Descriptions:

  • Exchange software — an electronic system providing parallel sales of various financial instruments and transaction clearing, in use since 1996.
  • Clearing system. The system is an aggregate of the clearing participants. Each participant has a system terminal(s) at the office. Terminals are connected with the clearing center through any communication channels as commutable telephone lines, allocated lines, or packet switching networks. The system maintains the participant's accounts and performs payments on-line for State Short-Term Obligations, currency exchange, stock and other financial instrument trade clearings, in use since 1993.
  • Bank – Client System aimed at supporting document exchange between bank and its clients. Client side may use usual Web-browser, with no additional software to install and support while communicating via internet or special client software via direct connection. Money transfer (payment) order, account balance, statements are available for a customer via the Internet:
    • Multilevel signing documents;
    • Support multi currencies;
    • Own client document archive, history log;
    • SSL v3 network security protocol used;
    • System management & control carried out solely by the Bank.

      Bank's staff has rights and tools for:
    • Monitor transaction processing;
    • Interact with customer via private/broadcast messages;
    • Change page layout;
    • Change message texts;
    • Change field set used in particular transaction;
    • Add new rules to transaction processing rule set;
    • Add new transactions.
    Automated interaction with the HOST (accounting & payment) using plain-text files for off-line mode System is adequate for use personally and enterprise-wide as well; it was implemented in 85 banks and bank branches in Russia. There are also DOS and internet-only versions.

  • Internet trading system named "Investor". In use since 1996.
  • Back-office for stocks and bonds. In use since 1996.
  • «INIST-On-Line» Internet system for broadcasting frequently changed information.
  • Internet payment system «Cyberplat» www.cyberplat.ru. In use since 1998.
  • E-shop represents the completed product supporting all cycle of work of virtual shop: input by the manager of shop of the goods or services; registration of the users; conducting the orders of the users; a storage of a history of the orders of the users; sending information in payment systems and receptions of the answers from them. Oracle as RDBMS and Java as language of application are used.

Projects done review

Customer Project type Technology Man -months In use
Common Fund for Commodities (CFC), Amsterdam, Holland Intranet Workflow system PostgreSQL, Java 1-3 pers., 8 months Since 2003 till now
Cyberplat.com Internet payment system, customer-based development Oracle, C 12 pers., 26 weeks Since 1998 till now
Internet banking Packaged-based development Oracle, Apache, JAVA servlets 6 pers., 30 weeks Since Feb 1999 till now
Baku Stock Exchange, Azerbaijan Stock Exchange, customer-based development Oracle, Corba, Java, C++ 6 pers., 12 weeks Since may 2001 till now
Philip Morris Intranet Workflow system Various applications MS SQL, JAVA, Oracle Application Server 1-5 pers. In month Since Dec 2001 till now

Customers review

Security work improvement of INIST Bank-Client System

  1. Support of hardware devices work that provide control of digital signature generation process on the client side - Safe Touch and Think Pad.
  2. Improving the control module of IP-addresses and contractors.
  3. Development new algorithms against fraud.
  4. Support the work of the certification center CryptoPro CA.

Administrative usability improvement of INIST Bank-Client System

  1. Allowing bank employees to work with the complex in web interface.
  2. Allowing bank employees to work with the complex in the name of client.
  3. Embedding the update control module of the complex.
  4. Providing opportunities in working with the message board to work with several clients (client group).

Functional facilities enhancement of INIST Bank-Client System

The following works are planning in the nearest future:

  1. Extended support of customer's client holding structure, including:
    • Holding structure description by related matrix
    • Client user access control in the context of holding participants
    • Client user access control in the context of accounts of each holding participant
    • Client user access control in the context of available documents of each holding participant
    • User spending limits control in the context of accounts of each holding participant
    • Generating consolidated reports
  2. Allowing budgeting for a particular client and for holding.
  3. Expanding the list of documents that are processed in the complex, including the SWIFT-documents.
  4. Further development of the salary project, including the ability to input data via the screen interface.
  5. Adding to the transport client of screen interface to provide an opportunity to refuse a Windows-client.
  6. Further development of the complex with a view to support the work of both legal and physical persons, integration with card and payment systems.
  7. Closer integration with ABS in order to synchronize the data of the documents, clients and their users.
  8. User opportunity to work through a different screen interfaces that are optimized for different user groups.
  9. Allowing users to manage their own profile (menu configuration).
  10. Implementing the possibility to sign a package of documents (rather than to collect in package individually signed documents).

Development plans of INIST company

  1. 1. Expanding and deepening cooperation with existing customers - improvements and providing new features of software working on customer side, first of all INIST Bank-Client System, Internet and stock trading systems, and SAP Business One.
  2. Attracting new customers who need INIST Bank-Client system and stock or internet trading systems, as well as the development and implementation of specialized document circulation systems (to ensure guaranteed delivery of documents), by customer specification.
  3. Implementation of mobile platform in existing and developing applications.
  4. Enhancement
  5. Rendering of new services – for example,
    • Performance management of system's complexes.
      • Measuring the performance parameters of software and hardware systems;
      • Setting and configuration of monitoring systems;
      • The calculation of the optimal hardware configuration of software systems;
      • Localization of performance degradation problems and develop recommendations to address them;
    • Statement of the processes of software and hardware quality control.
    • Automation of quality control systems and reduce the cost of testing processes.
    • Providing services to ensure and enhance the control of software quality.

In continued conjuncture we expect a growth of revenues about 10-15%% in a year. In favorable position of affairs, a growth of revenues can be about 20-25%%.

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